Now listen up, here’s the story. Plastic’s got a bad wrap… and for good reason. It’s rarely recyclable and often used in packaging with little thought or care for where it came from or where it will go. That’s why, until now, we’ve always used a carton. But we’ve made a commitment to be responsible and transparent. Always. And we’ve learned a few things that have shaped our thinking, and our new look.



Second, with the help of Advance London (a Circular Economy initiative from the London Waste and Recycling Board) we’ve realised that using the carton with this new formula is likely to result in some avoidable food waste. So we’ve moved to 52% recycled plastic bottles for now (100% recyclable, though!) and within the next 18-months we’ll get ‘em all the way up to 100% recycled plastic.


We’re tweaking the formula of your favourite watermelon thirst-quencher and bringing out some more naturally fruity flavours. These formula tweaks are small, but enough to make the taste and health benefits bigger and, truthfully, the shelf life a little shorter. It’s part of our continued pledge to bring you oh-so-freshhh ingredients, from seed to sip.

We’re looking at fully compostable packaging. But we’ll need to work with all of our partners, including our savvy customers, to fully understand what this means for the life of our bottles and the quality of our drinks.


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