Certified B Corporation

B Corp

We are part of a group of worldwide businesses that are striving to redefine the meaning of a successful business. By creating products and a working environment that meets high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency we are able to use business as a force for good.

Becoming part of the B Corp community enables us to ensure a healthy, liveable future for the planet. We actively look to reduce waste, building and maintaining relationships that encourage and nurture sustainable design. With the recent development of the ‘Plastic Pledge’ UK supermarkets and other food companies will be looking to the likes of B Corp companies to take advice and learning’s from so they too can start using business as a force for good.

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What a difference a drop makes.. Through our UK drink sales we have helped provide safe and effective water sanitation to the developing world. During our work with Drop4Drop we have helped fund 14 clean water wells providing access to safe drinking water to over 15,000 people.

The introduction of clean water sources to a community saves thousands of hours every week previously lost to water collection. Not only does this improve the overall health of a community by reducing water related diseases it also enables children to spend more time in education, improving their chances at a future career.

Clean water lays the foundations to a brighter future and creates a happier healthier world and we are proud to play a part in this integral work.

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