At Waterbomb HQ we’re conjuring up healthy alternatives to all the fun (and normally super sugary) drinks out there. We don’t think health needs to be boring, serious or pretentious, it can be fun too.

That’s why we launched What a Melon. Strutting onto the health shelf, saying no to the pilates posers, and yes to the disco gyrators.

We want our drinks to taste good, and do good. That’s why we created Fact, our answer to an industry of smoke and mirrors. An unashamedly transparent drink that uses tech to trace the journey of its ingredients.

And our latest challenge will be the most scientific yet! A water that’s not only hydrating but will keep your immune system super strong.

Our weird, wild and wonderful waters

Fact Water

This sparkling drink is all-natural, zero sugar and tastes great. Fact. We believe in doing things right, not just when it comes to taste, but when it comes to the stuff that goes into our drinks too. From our choice of ingredients to the journey they go on – the growers, the makers, the bottlers – we care.

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What a melon

The all-natural taste of summer without the bits ‘n’ pips is made with half a watermelon, a splash of spring water and a squeeze of lemon. Naturally packed full of rehydrating potassium, awesome antioxidant lycopene & the muscle-loving amino acid citrulline. No added sugar, nothing artificial & never from concentrate.

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what a melon

Coming soon

In 2014 we joined forces with Swiss firm Aurum AG, to develop new & ground-breaking health drinks based on their immunotherapy ingredients.

The first new ‘novel food’ ingredient we are bringing to market is a heat-killed mycobacterium called Au+ and has been recently submitted for regulatory approval, which is anticipated in early 2019. We then hope to bring our new innovative immunotherapy drink to market shortly afterwards.